Wandering between heaven and earth – Because Life is a journey …

Mục lục
“Life gives us only 10% of opportunities, the remaining 90% is up to how we experience it.”
Sometimes words are powerless to describe all the emotions and things that are around because it’s so wonderful. We can only retain a part of our memories with beautiful realistic pictures and videos to easily rewind and feel once again the feeling of being free in the vastness of heaven and earth, the feeling of being in control. conquering the challenges of climbing on craggy cliffs, swinging ropes from the top of dangerous mountains … not as scary as we thought, but also extremely excited because there are dedicated, enthusiastic and extremely passionate companions. professional.

This is how I fully enjoy life with all my senses in my own way so as not to regret as time passes. When standing on the top of the mountain, all worries and afflictions in life completely disappear, looking out into the distance to see the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, feeling extremely excited.
The more I go, the more I feel small when standing in front of the vast nature. Going on the swing is worth the effort of practicing Pilates every week, how can guys VNE go up and then don’t want to go down anymore, it’s addictive.
Trying the feeling of conquering the top of Mat Than mountain for the first time, Lang Son is 500m high above sea level with the special support of Vietnam Expeditions’ expert “special forces” and genuine tools.
For the first time, rowing SUP in the middle of the beautiful flooded Lan Ty valley, rowing through the treetops instead of trekking in the middle of the lake in the dry season, a rare experience. Go see the “chaos” scene. Honestly, lying on the SUP watching the clouds and sky having someone row for it is very happy.
Whoever said that women are “weak feet and soft hands”, it is difficult to participate in these adventurous sports. At VNE, there are always beautiful women ready to conquer even the most difficult journeys, enough to see the “playability” and tough health.
Thank you Lã Thu Giang, for leaving a cool “out of sauce” mark in a series of artistic swinging photos at Lan Ty.