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2D2N · Level 2 · Moderate

Exclusive Tour Expeditions to Vietnam The Way of Water is a two-day, two-night excursion to experience Thang Hen Tra Linh Cao Bang's 36 lakes and its network of lakes, sinkhole, rivers, and caves. The rocky mountains underground are varied, full of mystery, but also full of allure and allure. The journey of exploration and discovery of natural wonders could be traced upward along the Tra Linh River's course for millions of years.

2D2N · 4 · Very difficult

Journey Finding Lan Ty Lake, an emerald hidden in the midst of the mountain, took 2 days and 2 nights of exploration through forests and steppe. Here, there are no people and only beautiful feng shui water. With one night spent camping in the forest and another spent at a local's home, the trip offers the opportunity to experience life in the center of nature