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345 275 VNĐ/người

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Journey Finding Lan Ty Lake, an emerald hidden in the midst of the mountain, took 2 days and 2 nights of exploration through forests and steppe. Here, there are no people and only beautiful feng shui water. With one night spent camping in the forest and another spent at a local's home, the trip offers the opportunity to experience life in the center of nature

With its unspoiled and natural beauty, Huu Lien Special Use Forest is a popular attraction in Huu Lung District, Lang Son Province. Its terrain is varied and abundant, with lofty mountains, beautiful rivers meandering through valleys, and flat grasslands extending across the steppe.

Lan Ty Lake is tucked away in the heart of the Huu Lien Special Use Forest, surrounded by mountains that are perpetually clouded. The lake’s water has an emerald green tint year-round, and this location feels entirely cut off from the outer world.

*The Lan Ty Valley expedition tour itinerary will be modified as necessary based on the local terrain’s actual state, which varies seasonally and according to the weather.

An EXCLUSIVE adventure journey only available at Vietnam Expeditions: Discovering the wonderland, the lost paradise where the mountains and cups are, is an exclusive journey available only through Vietnam Expeditions.

Admire the beauty of Lan Ty Lake – the beautiful emerald of Valley: Lan Ty Lake – a beautiful emerald in the midst of the jungle, and marvel at the natural wonder that is tucked away deep within the mountains and trees.

Abseiling at the top God’s Eye Mountain: Conquer the swinging challenge at the mountain of God’s eyes by getting over the rocky incline, getting over the mountain’s summit, which has a distinctive shape resembling a god’s eye, and getting the challenge checked in at the “god’s eye” on top of the mountain.

Rowing SUP to explore Lan Ty lake: experience SUP rowing to explore Lan Ty lake with charming natural scenery.

Crossing the Khe Dau Waterfall: Climb down from the waterfall’s top to the waterfall’s base, then feel free to check in, swim, and take a bath in the cool, clear water.

Mo Ang lake – The lake is as beautiful as a dream : Mo Ang Lake – the lake with beautiful heart shape.

Explore Oc Cave (Snail Cave): observe the stalactites with strange shapes, like entering another world.

Explore the old forest: trekking deep into the nature reserve with the diversity of flora and fauna in the forest.

Local experience: Participants will have the opportunity to learn about life, culture, and enjoy unique local cuisine.


Night 0: Ha Noi - Lang Son

19h00 – 22h00: The whole group departs from Hanoi and arrives at the homestay to check in and store their belongings. The whole group got to know each other and listened to the tour guide announce tomorrow’s morning schedule.

Meal: No.

We can pick you up at Noi Bai Airport. Please book a flight with a landing time before 7:00 PM.

Day 1: Oc Cave - Lan Ty Lake

6h00 – 7h00: Breakfast.

7h00 – 8h30: Tour guide briefing, equipment distribution, and safety training with the expert.

8h00 – 11h00: Explore the fascinating Hang Oc Cave with stalactites, the “Oc Cemetery” area, etc.

11h30 – 13h30: Arrive at the campsite for lunch and relaxation by the lake.

13h30 – 15h00: Discover Lake Lan Ty with activities like fishing, SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) exploration, and swimming.

15h00 – 17h00: Explore the Huu Lien primeval forest, cross Khe Dau waterfall, and take a refreshing dip in the waterfall.

18h00 – 20h00: Everyone gathers to build a campfire and enjoy local specialties for dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Overnight: Tents with sleeping bags.

Day 2: Abseiling on top Angle Eye Moutain - Ha Noi

6h00: Breakfast.

7h00 – 7h30: Tour guide briefing, equipment distribution, and safety training with the expert.

7h30 – 9h00: Climbing through vertical rock walls to reach the mountain peak.

9h00 – 12h00: Abseiling challenge from the 500m high mountain peak down to the cave below.

12h00 – 14h00: Return to the campsite for lunch and relaxation by the lake.

15h00 – 17h00: Pack up belongings and return to the homestay for washing up and resting.

17h00 – 20h00: Departure back to Hanoi. The vehicle will drop you off at your designated location, concluding the trip.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.
Overnight: None.



Weather & Climate

This region is influenced by the northern mountainous climate, which is hot and humid in the summer and dry and cold with little rain in the winter. 22.7°C is the average yearly air temperature. Every time of year has its own unique attractions and variations brought by nature here: From February to April: There are pleasant, sunny days as well as spells of cold weather that sweep across the entire region. Visitors can see a variety of wild flowers blooming throughout these months because the temperature is pleasant and not too hot. May to August are the hot summer months, but because it is located in the valley and has many rivers and lakes, the temperature here is still relatively cool, the highest is only 28 degrees. In the summer months, visitors are free to participate in water activities such as swimming, waterfall bathing, stream bathing... September to November: the weather is in the dry season, with little rain, suitable for outdoor activities. This is also the time of the harvest season, so visitors will be able to see the whole valley with golden ripe rice fields stretching out. Each season will have its own unique features for visitors to explore and experience. In addition, visitors can check the weather in Huu Lung, Lang Son through Accweather website before joining the tour or contact us for detailed advice. Visitors will be able to explore and take advantage of the special features that each season has to offer. Before attending the tour, tourists can also use the Accweather website to check the weather in Huu Lung, Lang Son, or they can get in touch with us for more specific guidance.

What to bring

The Lan Ty Tour is a tour that involves a lot of activities like swimming, boating on a lake, swimming, traversing waterfalls, wading streams, and walking through the forest.
Wearing the proper gear will allow you to walk freely through the jungle, cross streams, and avoid potential threats like snakes, insects, or itchy leaves; Trekking boots are appropriate for rugged, mountainous terrain and even wading through streams.

Visitors should prepare their personal belongings for usage throughout the course of two days and one night, such as: Your tour staff will inform you on the items that need to be carefully prepared before you join the tour.

Adventure level on tour

Vietnam Expeditions has created a scale of adventure level based on its many years of experience in the field of adventure tourism so that travelers may choose the appropriate expedition trip for their level of fitness by visualizing the difficulty of each tour. their vigor and wellbeing. Other units in different terrain cannot use this adventure scale. Additionally, guests who engage in intensive activities, such as long-distance runners, might find this adventure scale unsuitable. Vietnam Expedition includes five levels of difficulty, with level 1 being the easiest for everyone to complete and level 5 being the most difficult. View the risk hierarchy here.

This excursion is simple to attend for those who routinely engage in physical activity or travel through the forest or climb mountains.

Level of difficulty of Lan Ty tour: 4

Level of Difficulty: 4 – Feel the excitement of adventure

Age range: 15 to 50 years old.

Requirements: strong physical condition, previous trekking experience

Activities include swimming, utilizing technical equipment, traversing rocky terrain, climbing high hills, and traveling long distances.

Mountains-rich environments

14 kilometers or more of mountain road

1 kilometers rowing SUP

Swimming, Waterfalling

Abseiling 20m on the top of the mountain

Avoidable risk

People are exposed to dangers with every activity, which might become risks if safety measures are not implemented. Moving through forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc. while engaging in adventure tourism will expose you to more risks than you would while engaging in other activities. Sudden floods, insect stings, snakes, centipedes, accidents, disease, and many other things are possible risks. On the website, there are further "risks and ways to avoid" information.

The Campsites

The campsites in the itinerary are arranged in the most beautiful camping areas in the area and are fully equipped with essential items. The average temperature in winter is around 10 to 18 degrees and in summer between 25 and 28 degrees. Guests are provided with a warm sleeping bag in winter or a fan in a battery-powered tent during the summer months.

Bath at the campsites

All campsites on the tour are located right next to natural streams, lakes and waterfalls. Tourists can swim and bathe comfortably at the campsites. Swimming activities are supervised by safety assistants to ensure the safety of visitors. At the camping sites, there are a number of tanks and water cans to store clean water for visitors to bathe on rainy days and cloudy spring water. To protect the water source, all visitors are asked not to use shampoo or conditioner directly into the stream, visitors are encouraged to use eco-friendly bio shampoo during the tour.

Toilet at the campsites

To protect the environment and maintain hygiene at the campsites and along the route, we have arranged environmentally friendly toilets. After the trip, we will bury and treat to ensure environmental hygiene.

Tour booking process

This is an expedition tour that requires a lot of logistical preparation for both the guests and us. Carefully reading the information about the tour will help visitors make the right choice. The tour booking process includes the following steps:

Visitors carefully read the tour program, and self-assess their fitness and health to have appropriate training and preparation, to ensure the most perfect tour experience.

Visitors carefully read the experiences as well as the activities of the tour to ensure the right activities they want to experience.

You fill in the tour booking information yourself on the booking form page. After booking the tour, Vietnam Expeditions staff will contact you within 24 hours to guide the next steps. After this time, if Vietnam Expeditions has not been contacted, you can call Vietnam Expeditions directly or check the spam box in the Vietnam Expeditions email room.

After booking, guests will be asked to pay 50% of the tour to have their tour confirmed, 1 day before departure guests are required to pay the rest.

During the preparation process, Vietnam Expeditions staff will regularly contact to guide the preparation steps. Or guests can contact the Vietnam Expeditions staff in charge of the tour to answer questions if any.

Tour price and available dates

For the sake of ensuring the safety and maximum experience of visitors when coming to Vietnam Expeditions, we limit the number of guests per tour to 10–15 guests. Most tours are open for sale on a fixed schedule, and individuals can sign up for themselves or join others. In addition, Vietnam Expeditions also has a small number of private registration tours for special groups traveling in groups or upon request. Please see the departure schedule in the calendar box below; the dates in bold are the dates available. If you do not see the calendar box appear, please wait a few seconds or press F5.

Term of tour cancellationr

To confirm the booking, after completing the tour booking steps, visitors will be asked to pay 50% of the tour fee to be confirmed. One day before departure, visitors pay the remaining 50% to us.

This is a tour where we need time to prepare physically, exercise, and prepare the necessary items for the trip. The cancellation of the tour or the unexpected change of departure date will greatly affect the organization and operating costs of the tour. The tour cancellation terms apply as follows:

For the Lan Ty tour, if guests cancel the tour before 15 days before the tour departure date, 100% of the deposit will be refunded. If guests cancel before 7 days, they will be charged 50%; if they cancel less than 7 days, they will be charged 100%.

Customers are encouraged to transfer or reschedule the tour to ensure benefits.

See details of cancellation terms on the website.

Price includes


Cars or motorbikes move to attractions according to the program.

Specialized equipment, safety equipment during the tour: Trekking sticks, safety belts, safety belts, life jackets….

Tour guide, Porter professional, enthusiastic, attentive.

Homestay room before the tour for 2 to 4 guests

Standard meals according to the program.

Room after tour 1 room for 1 group

Drinking water 2 liters/day

Tickets to visit tourist attractions according to the program.

Travel insurance (Maximum compensation 20,000,000/person).

Tour price does not include:


– Personal expenses and other expenses outside the tour program.

– Tips for drivers and guides


345 275 $/pax

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