The journey to conquer the magnificent Thang Hen of the 9-year-old TyBoy boy

Mục lục
No matter what land you set foot on, Tyboy and his mother will have different ways of exploring. They all bring a lot of interesting experiences for children.
Challenge yourself with new experiences, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature along the way. Great experiences when setting foot in the vast nature.
Moreover, Thang Hen is a place for children to completely immerse themselves in nature. Zoom in far away to admire the immense beauty of the majestic mountains. To see that we humans are so small before the creation of nature.
I have nothing great that I can give Tyboy, but just want to send you will, strong, independent and become a brave boy. I want you to understand that nature is the magic medicine that soothes each of us.
And there are amazing beauties, if you want to touch, you can only use your efforts, will and your own feet. But every step you take, whether short or long, fast or slow, I always expect you to try your best to reach the destination you need.
Finally, thank you to Vietnam Expeditions for giving me enough strength to overcome challenges and difficulties along the way. An extremely interesting experience, also a mark that I was fortunate to have in my childhood.
For a 9 year old boy away from his mother for the first time, having the opportunity to challenge himself is something I never thought of at this age. After that, thank you for all the warm and loving feelings that the uncles in the group have for me. I wish all the aunts and uncles who have not gone, prepared to go, and have been to always dare to confront and overcome their limits without being afraid to move.
Thank you for the sincere affection and trust of Thảo Nhi mother in Vietnam Expditions so that TYBOY  can make his first great adventure.