The journey of my first mountain climbing experience – 3 days of disconnecting to fully live in the moment with dear friends

Mục lục

3 days of complete immersion with beloved friends on an adventure tour in Lân Ty Valley, conquering the thrilling sport of Abseiling. The journey concluded beautifully, though the suspense still lingers as I descended down those terrifyingly high rock walls, unsure how I’d ever manage to climb back up :((

Feeling overwhelmed by so many beautiful photos, not sure which one to upload first, so I decided to share the video of the memorable journey of my first mountain climb. The team leader is asking for constructive feedback for improvement, and after pondering for 2 days, I’m thinking of starting with what’s lacking – maybe a couple of portable fans and a GoPro to capture the journey. Also, hoping for a longer rock climbing route.
Adding 3 more paddleboards so the group can enjoy without competition. As for the rest, in a 2-day-1-night trip, everything is incredibly complete – from accommodation, food, to rest. Even during the journey, there are water bottles ready, oranges at the mountaintop, professional photo shots during rock climbing, eating roasted corn and sweet potatoes, and even a refreshing cold rain by the serene lake, with music playing in the background and a variety of fruits. To me, this is already a perfect experience. I can’t think of 10 more points to enhance it, Teacher Võ Trần Quỳnh Trang!
Sincere thanks to the 10 comrades who helped the group swiftly and safely complete the challenge. Special appreciation to Manh Pham Van and Thanh Tran for supporting us throughout the journey, to Đức Mạnh for capturing hilarious photos of us, and not forgetting the team’s explosive spirit, Ben Khoa.
Sharing from the adventurous journey in Lan Ty Valley by the beautiful girlfriend, Sử Ngọc Ly!
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