The adventurous sport of abseiling is suitable for whom???

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Abseiling from heights is a challenging activity for adventurous individuals. Abseiling, also known as rappelling, originated when mountaineers first started descending with ropes from the highest peaks of the Alps in 1879.
Although abseiling is an adventurous activity, it can be performed with the right skills and equipment, and it’s not limited by age. So, who is abseiling suitable for, and what do you need to prepare for a safe abseiling experience? Let’s explore this with Vietnam Expeditions!
Abseiling is an activity that requires a certain level of physical fitness and health. Before participating in this activity, make sure that you have the necessary health and are not affected by the following health issues:
– Any cardiovascular or respiratory issues.
– Vision or hearing impairments.
– Any spinal or internal organ issues.
– Any previous injuries, especially those related to bones, joints, or muscles.
– Epilepsy, mental disorders, or other psychological conditions.
In addition to the mentioned health concerns, as long as you have good health and engage in regular physical exercise, you can fully participate in abseiling activities. To ensure safety while performing abseiling, you need to ensure the following conditions:
– Participation in Instructional Training: Before participating in an abseiling experience, everyone must attend a technical training session. This includes learning about the features of the equipment, how to use different types of harnesses, locking carabiners, safety ropes, as well as the proper techniques and positions for abseiling. You’ll also learn how to remain calm and handle dangerous situations.
– Make sure to check the safety equipment you will use while abseiling. You need to verify that you have an adequate quantity of equipment and that it is of good quality. The essential equipment for abseiling includes: dynamic rope, harness, abseiling device, locking carabiners, helmet, gloves, rope protector or pulley…
– When performing abseiling, strictly follow the instructions of the guide and safety experts both before, during, and after completing the abseiling activity.

The abseiling activity is increasingly chosen by many people, especially the younger generation, to experience the feeling of overcoming themselves, conquering the fear of heights, and more. Regardless of which adventurous sports you participate in, always prioritize safety.

If you want to try your hand at abseiling, join the expeditions organized by Vietnam Expeditions to have amazing and safe experiences!