Step forward with a courageous heart on every journey!

Mục lục
The first gift in preparation to welcome the age of 30. Step forward with a courageous heart on every journey!
At times, I think that my consistent inner strength might be due to not having faced enough challenging situations. The experiences I’ve had seem to be filled with luck, ease, and favorable outcomes, which makes me believe that I have the ability to maintain control over my inner self and manage my mind so well. I haven’t found an answer yet, but it’s been many, many years, without feeling fear, anxiety, discomfort, or unease.
The mountain climbing trips, or experiences like this, to me, are like tools/activities to elevate my mood and emotions. They provide an opportunity to observe the body and mind—how I would react when pushing the body to exhaustion; encountering fear in the mind, or dealing with unexpected situations outside the plan. While I think this way, what’s truly interesting is that when participating in these activities (as the usual way of things), people are brought through various emotions, yet I remain the same. I just find it enjoyable.

This trip gathered more fellow companions, including those who were joining such journeys for the first time. Surprisingly, no ‘soldier’ gave up. Especially, from the beginning to the end of the exploration, nobody skipped a single activity. Throughout this journey, we went trekking and got lost in the forest; conquered extremely difficult mountain terrains; rock-climbed vertically; swung from the mountaintop and back; paddleboarded across the forest and even joyfully swam. Truly, I am very proud of my comrades because I know this wasn’t an easy experience for most.
Thank you to Vietnam Expeditions for sponsoring this journey.
Thank you Vo Tran Quynh Trang for choosing Vietnam Expeditions to create unforgettable memories together!