I might also be suited for the abseiling activity too!

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 I might also be suited for the abseiling activity too! :))
It’s amazing how you transitioned from aerial yoga to abseiling, just like in the movies! An unforgettable and impressive travel experience with a combo of activities: trekking, forest camping, paddleboarding, swimming, rock climbing, mud crawling, stream wading, waterfall bathing, cave exploring, and the highlight being the thrilling abseiling descent from the mountain peak. Though it may seem daring, it’s reassuring to know that it’s carried out safely with the technical support and professional rope setup by the Vietnam Expeditions team. Special thanks to Ben Khoa, Manh Pham Van, Khanh, Duong, and the entire VNE support team for making this incredible rock climbing adventure possible for you. Your well-edited video captures the excitement perfectly! It sounds like you had an awesome and exhilarating time. Thanks to Nguyễn Phương Thùy for sharing this remarkable abseiling challenge with Vietnam Expeditions!