Dream of being an explorer girl – a dream come true with VNE

Mục lục
The dream of being an adventurer girl forever, finally, the baby has a trip that is so crazy, you guys.
Although starting in a very … no excitement (psychology that arises when you register, you will remember that you’re dead and then why go to the mountains in the summer :))), so apathetic that you pack 5 suits black color from trek clothes, pajamas, swimwear :)))))) But when I started, I burst out because I was able to go from one surprise to another :))))

This is a full combo trip: trekking, caving, camping, rowing, swimming, abseiling… all of them… I signed up just because I wanted to play swing from the top of the mountain, only after I went I could see any experience. very cool, very coming and very chill iiiiiiiii The fear of going to the mountains in summer always flies from the first day because everything is extremely safe. All activities…just revolve around Lan Ty valley – which is a dry valley in the dry season… in the summer, the valley turns into a vast, clear, beautiful lake. When we swim, we can clearly feel the two wonderfully intertwined hot and cold water sources mmm…
The trip was neat in 2 weekends, the weather was very supportive, accompanied by cute new friends, and especially with the super professional team of guides and technicians of Vietnam Expeditions, so you can rest assured together.

Last week, I cried a river when I dyed my burnt skin due to a week of summer vacation at the sea, only learning to dive and run. This week, I cried without tears because my burned skin last week burned another layer due to sunbathing, rowing sup, mountain swing :)))))
But this summer is so good, every day trying something I have never tried before, I get a lot of new energy, omg I like myself this summer :)))))))
The quality summer of the muse Mơ Nguyễn with firsts, challenge yourself with new things, meet great companions.
Follow the adventure of this “Mơ” – “Dream” explorer! A new journey is waiting for us to take the next step!