_ Live fast, stay young_ Have I poured my heart out yet?

Mục lục

I will dedicate the time of this holiday to write about my emotionally charged recent journey. Warning: This will be a long post, not brief like the usual ones, so you might need to grab your laptop to write.

I also know that this post will likely receive fewer likes compared to bikini posts, but so whatever, I still need to capture these precious moments.

Before the trip, there was a notification that said, ‘On this journey, you will go to places no one has been before, and do many first-time things in your life.’ I thought, ‘Uhm, okay, let’s see,’ not really expecting much.

But life truly is what brings us many things beyond our expectations, especially when we don’t anticipate much.

This isn’t my first time going to the forest, but it’s my first true forest trek, where I carried all the personal gear by myself. Two backpacks, one large and one small, with protective gear including a waist belt, ropes, a helmet, a sleeping bag, and a raincoat. Somewhere around 6-8 kilograms. Previously, when I went mountain climbing, I probably only had a water bottle and some energy snacks with me.

First time sleeping in a tent beside a stream overnight, drinking water from the stream’s edge, listening to the thunderous song of the rain, waking up to a clear and crisp sunrise as the storm passes.

First time climbing on a sheer vertical face.

First time rappelling down a cliff, suspended in mid-air, and experiencing the vastness of the space around. Next time promises to be rappelling down into a cave, a narrow and dark space; let’s see how that feels.

First time learning how to inflate a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP). Previously, it was just hopping onto the SUP. First time standing on a SUP without a life jacket, all by myself, on a lake.

Ordinary people wouldn’t understand; these ‘crazy’ folks go to resorts to chill, while we dive into the wilderness, munch on trail mix, and scramble up rocky terrains. I believe what sets us ‘crazy’ individuals apart is Emotion.

The emotion when encountering incredibly fascinating people, bringing in fresh waves of energy, and sharing knowledge and stories we’ve never heard before. The emotion when meeting fellow enthusiasts who share the same passion for exploration.

The emotion of feeling truly fortunate and happy that I still have the health to experience such wonderful things. My parents, my family, my children – they all share in this tremendous luck of being healthy. Only when I am in good health can I embark on journeys like this.

Finally, there’s NATURE. The emotions stirred by its wondrous beauty. Nature and Art are my best medicine in life. Nature calms me down, comforts me, heals me. After enduring countless challenging climbs over rugged rocks, meeting the enchanting aspects of nature is truly indescribable. The feeling of reaching the summit just as the sun sets. Standing atop, casting my gaze far and wide, listening to the wind’s melody, birdsong, witnessing the sun’s last rays of the day, with only the lush green forest in sight – this is an experience that money cannot buy.

The sensation of sinking my feet into mud. The feeling of immersing my feet in the cool, refreshing stream, accompanied by soothing tunes. Self-filtering water amidst the woods, boiling it up and taking a sip. The feeling of lying in a swaying tent during a rainy night, wondering if the creatures of the forest will visit under the cover of darkness. Welcoming the dawn in a serene glade after a heavy rain, surrounded only by the sounds of birds and embraced by the mountains and forest. These sensations remind me that I’m fully alive, living every precious moment of my life.

I’ve traveled quite a bit, of course, it’s nothing special to fellow trekkers. Each journey leaves its mark. But it’s been a while, I didn’t think I would feel this way.

Youth isn’t just a period of time, Youth is a feeling.

Thank you, Vietnam Expeditions, for giving me this feeling. Much love to Vietnam Expeditions and my fellow Cavers, you guys are awesome.

#We only live once
#Pour your whole heart into it

Thank you, Huong Giang, for being my companion on the exploration of Lan Ty Valley, Lang Son!

Looking forward to our upcoming journey!